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Community & Civic Projects

painting mural

NOBO Emerald Fence Mural

Boulder Arts Week Collaboration with long-time graphic design friend Jeanne Mitchell of Machine Made Design.

“Push & Pull”

Climate change is on all of our minds. Utilizing two design trends of 2021—geometric shapes and illustration—this mural hopes to engage the viewer on the concept of our role in the environment. By exploring the challenges of being both a part of the problem as a human living in nature and a part of the solution as a human who can actively protect nature, this piece presents an image that shows Push and Pull. The contrast of land and sea, mountains and clouds, small and large, and color and lack of color are explored here.

pop up art

Lester Tries His Luck!

Located at Founders Park-Superior, Colorado (See all 12 prairie dogs)

Wing and a Prayer Chair – ARTirondack Chair Project-Louisville, CO

ARTirondack Chair

Pennsylvania Dutch Inspired ARTirondack Chair Project-Louisville, CO

Website Design

Gateway Fun Park

Boulder, Colorado


Louisville, Colorado

Shared Paths Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Public Art

Utility Box Concept

Denver, Colorado

Utility Pole Flags

Walsenburg, Colorado

Broomfield Mural

Broomfiled, Colorado

Bus shelter concept

Superior, Colorado