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The information presented here is dedicated to providing resources to help stop the rezoning of Superior Marketplace and request a building and development moratorium.

Brixmor (current owners of the Marketplace) and Boulder County Housing Authority are proposing to rezone Superior Marketplace to add up to 400 and 239 multifamily housing units within an area that currently does not allow residential.

December 30, 2021 resulted in the devastation of 1 in 7 homes in Superior. The two closest neighborhoods to Superior Marketplace were nearly completely destroyed. While tackling the daunting rebuilding process, our neighborhoods are now facing a massive, residential development in Superior Marketplace.

We are calling for a moratorium to halt any developer led rezoning and redevelopment in Superior Marketplace until 90% of Sagamore, Original Town and Coal Creek Crossing residents are back home and can actively engage in meaningful community discussions and comprehensive planning of this area can take place.


Because we haven’t had a robust community outreach process on attainable housing or this location, I think it is really important to put in that time and effort up front and we’ll save a lot of undue hardship further down the road.

Ken Lish

Town Trustee, August 9, 2021 BCHA presentation to the board

Development applications under review

Brixmor and Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) are bringing forward Plan/Zone District Amendment requests to include a residential use for the Superior Marketplace. 

Click here for town information on the applications.

Discussion starts at 2:34

Discussion starts at 3:25

Link to direct quotes from the August 9, 2021 meeting regarding the need for community engagement BEFORE moving forward with the housing project in the Marketplace.

Action Items


Currently BCHA has withdrawn their application and Confluence Companies working with Brixmor has put their application on “hold” until 2023. Consider emailing the Town Board and Planning Commission and encourage them to ask Confluence to with draw their application.

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“Community engagement will accompany all design processes before any sort of submital takes place.”

-Justin Lightfield, Boulder County Housing Authority Housing Development Manager
August 9, 2021 Town Board presentation (1:21 into meeting)

The panel’s next recommended step in the process would be ensuring that an appropriate master plan, zoning, platting,
entitlements, urban design, and proposed street patterns
are in place as part of a broader visioning process that would
likely include consultant-led public meetings and stakeholder

-2016 TAP Study

Streetscaping, public art, and public gathering spaces and
amenities should also be incorporated into any plan.

Impacts of growth respondents stressed the need to consider the impacts of new development on the community (e.g., roads, schools), and the need to plan carefully in order to
decide what uses and types of development fit in Northwest Superior.

-NW Superior Area Planning Project

… I agree that priority number 1 needs to be a robust public engagement process for any sort of development like this. That needs to be something that happens as early and often and that we really have community buy in before we do something like this. This would be a very significant development in our town and it is also going to be very politically charged one, so that underscores the need for constant and thorough communication with the public.

Mark Lacis

Mayor Pro-Tem, August 9, 2021 BCHA presentation to the board

This information is not endorsed by the town of Superior in any way. This is public information for personal education purposes only.